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Wild Sound Artist Spotlight!

Mary Beth Carlson

just some of the words listeners are using to describe the captivating piano orchestral music of Mary Beth Carlson. Each of her albums will lead you through a peaceful journey of comfort and contentment, leaving you relaxedand refreshed.

Wild Sound Recording Studio is located in the historic Northeast neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota. We offer high-quality digital and analogue recording, mixing, mastering, consultation and archival services.

Our studio is very well-equipped with a large selection of state-of-the-art and vintage microphones, preamplifers and other outboard gear, as well as a great collection of musical instruments including Steinway B and Yamaha C3 pianos, Hammond B-3 organ with a Leslie, several drum sets, vintage amplifiers, guitars and keyboards.

Our free-standing, easily accessible building is located in a quiet residential   neighborhood with many excellent restaurants and bars nearby. We have over 2400 square feet divided into a main control room and five separate isolated   tracking rooms, the largest being approximately 22 X 20 with all rooms having 10-foot ceilings. Our entire studio has been acoustically treated by Dave Ahl and has excellent sound and aesthetic qualities.

Of course, equipment and structures alone do not make a great recording.Wild Sound has been in existence for close to 20 years, and we have excellent references and a great discography consisting of a very wide range of music that has been recorded, mixed and mastered in our studio. Please contact us through email to arrange a tour or for further information.



The address of the studio is 

2400 2nd St. N.E.

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418

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